We are happy to report, that thanks to the generosity of our wonderful community, that the new Marching Band uniforms have been fully funded!  Once the word spread about our fundraiser we received support from various individuals, local businesses, and local community groups.  As a thank you for their support we would like to recognize those who helped us reach our goal.

Thanks again to all of those who helped!  You can see the new band uniforms beginning this fall!

Community Event Collections

In cooperation with the Band Boosters and the Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce, we held several fundraisers at community events that were very successful.  Thank you to those who made their donations at one of these events!

Fundraiser Donations

Full Uniform(s)

Local Businesses

Bethlen Communities
Betsy’s of Ligonier
Conte Design
Lodestar Bus Lines

Local Community Groups

Fort Ligonier Association
Fort Ligonier Days Inc
Ligonier Class of 1980
Ligonier Valley Endowment


Kathleen Ashbaugh
Joseph and Marcia Codrick
Nancy Donchez
Mr and Mrs Glenn Hutchinson
MaryAnne Lupinetti
Robert Popey and Dr. Tracy Popey
Shawn and Tara Proskin
Pat and Kim Wallace

Partial Uniform(s)


Joan and Ralph Alexander
Kimberly Bellas
Ruth Burdick
Wendy and Jeffrey Kamler
Paul and Patricia Kennedy
John and Mary Lindh
Jeremy and Elizabeth McCall
Richard and Renee Tudor
Annie Urban