The LVSD Foundation has already accomplished some worth while projects for the Ligonier Valley School District. Below is a list of some of the projects we have funded so far.

High School Auditorium Sound System

The LVSD Foundation teamed with staff from the High School and the Theater Boosters Group to hold a fundraiser to replace the 20+ year old sounds system in the high school auditorium.

Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra

We funded a grant to allow the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra to visit out local elementary schools and put on a show.  The hope was to inspire the children to pursue musical endeavors during their school years.

Life Skills Room - Washer/Dryer

We funded a grant to purchase a Washer/Dryer combination for the Life Skills room at the High School.

Marching Band Uniforms

We worked in collaboration with the High School Music Department, Marching Band Boosters & the community to raise funds for the purchase of new Marching Band Uniforms.  This was very successful.

High School Musical

The Ligonier Valley School District Foundation provided a grant to the 2015 spring musical for the rental of props for this years show “Little Shop of Horrors”

Track & Field

Contributed funds towards the purchase of a new pole vault pit to be installed at the track in 2015


LabStream Data Collection Devices

Devices will be used in Chemistry II, Chemistry III, and Anatomy and Physiology courses. This equipment replaces aging equipment currently in use.

Sustainable Greenhouse

The Ligonier Valley Middle School has built a full production greenhouse. Our grant assisted with making this a full sustainable farm by providing funds for composters, raised beds and a 200 gallon rain catch barrel system. The educational impact is provided in traditional science, STEAM, Project Based Learning and Outdoor club..

Trout in the Classroom

Purchase equipment to implement a trout in the classroom project for the high schools Functional Science class. Give learners a chance to raise native fish species in a classroom setting and releasing them back into local streams. The learners will raise the fish from eggs, maintain an optimal living habitat and participate in hands on lessons. .

Skills USA State Competition

Helped with entrance fee and travel expense for students to attend the state competition.  

Future Business Leader of America

Assisted with transportation costs for the state conference.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Helps students practically apply personal leadership principles to the tough choices they face every day.  

TEAMS Competition
The 7th & 8th Grade after school STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathmatics) club qualified for the national TEAMS (Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science) Competition. They needed assistance with funding their trip to the event in Tennessee. The LVSD Foundation along with other local groups and the students fundraising activities provided enough funds for the students to attend the competition and they performed very well!

The 8th grade team came in the top 10 in the nation for their essay on Synthetic Neurobiology.
The 7th grade team came in the top 10 for their essay, and top 10 for their presentation on Making Mankind a Multiplanetary Species.

Wet With A Net Equipment
This grant was for the purchase of equipment for the middle school science department to continue their “Stream Analysis Project”. This equipment will allow the students to monitor many factors of local streams and trend the data provided overtime. This will allow them to learn about the elements of the environment and how it varies year to year.
Maker Space - Vinyl Cutter
Assisted in the funding for a Vinyl Cutter to be used in the new Maker Space at the High School.  This will be used to support the RAMS Project that’s a part of the high school curriculum.
Gifted Program
Assisted in the funding for the Innovations in Architecture field trip to New York City for the Gifted Program.
Life Skills Classroom
Purchased a Washer/Dryer combination for the use of the Life Skills Classroom
STEM Program
Contributed funds towards the purchase of a laser engraver system.
Chemistry III
Approved a grant towards the purchase of additional text books for the Chemistry III class.
Youth & Government
A grant was awarded to cover transportation costs for their various events.


Choir Robes

Purchase of new choir robes for Ligonier Valley choral events. Replacing older well worn robes. These robes will be worn at various public performances both inside and outside of the school district.

Drawing & Printing - Memory Project

Provided funding for the high school students to participate in the Memory Project

The Beat Goes On

Used to implement a drumming program through the Middle Schools exploratory music program.  The goal is to engage with students to develop effective team building and communication skills and to promote their overall well being.

Auditorium Sound System
Grant fulfilled to replace the 20+ year old sound system equipment in the high school auditorium.
Elementary Music - Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra
Funded a grant for the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra to visit both elementary schools to perform music for the students.  This will help inspire the students to have a passion for music and the schools music program.
Marching Band Uniforms
See Above


Spring Musical
See Above
Art Department
New Art Equipment
Music Department
New Musical Equipment


Track & Field
Provided 2 grants to contribute funds toward the purchase of various equipment for track & field. One to replace the pole vault pit and one to replace the high jump pit.
Golf Team
We’ve provided two separate grants to the golf team for the purchase of equipment. This included purchase new golf attire for the Golf Team, golf balls, golf club sets, and range finders.
Football Program
Contributed funds towards the purchase of new communication headsets for the football program.